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Therapy - How I work with kundalini problems
Disruptive or distressing phenomena that results from kundalini arousal can be treated by returning the kundalini to dormancy; that is, making it inactive again. I have found that a number of practices work reliably to achieve this goal. If you choose to seek my help I will meet privately with you for at least three sessions, but usually five to ten. The first session is mostly an interview so that I can understand
Parvritta Parsva Konasana, Twisted extended angle pose

what is going on with you. The first session also enables you to learn about my perspective on your problem and the interventions I can offer. The next sessions are lessons in the practices that you will use to reduce the disruptive energy flows in your body. You will take home with you notes describing every practice so you can continue these exercises for weeks or months after our sessions. My goal is to help you handle disruptive energy events, and to reduce their frequency and duration. I have found that, in the vast majority of cases, I have been able to help my clients to completely eliminate their unwanted energy events if they are willing to practice the exercises I give them daily. For clients from out-of-town I can help you arrange lodging in Boulder. I also require that out-of-town clients see a psychiatrist in their home towns and grant me permission to speak to this person before they come to Boulder to see me. This helps us determine if kundalini is the likely cause of your disturbance or if it may be something else. Bipolar disorder, for example, can produce similar symptoms to premature kundalini arousal. And in my opinion bipolar disorder is better treated with medication and psychiatric care than with yoga therapy. Yoga therapy does offer substantial help to people who have accidentally aroused their kundalini and wish to understand what is happening to them and wish to be relieved of its unpleasant side effects. Yoga therapy is also helpful to people who want to utilize kundalini's positive benefits.

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